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The Women’s Council Department addresses the social and health concerns for females of all ages. This department promotes both Christian and secular education. It also provides support for home, foreign, and global missions.

First Lady Bailey currently heads BWCC's Women's Council Department and has done so for the last 13 years. Under her tutelage, this organization has increased in number and the women at The Complex have a renewed motivation and are excited about participating in the planning and execution of the annual events and services sponsored by the department.

In 2000, the Women’s Council implemented a curriculum entitled, Christian Social Graces. This curriculum helps women develop basic skills in Christian etiquette involving hospitality, communication, and other social concerns.  Additionally, this curriculum helps women identify their weaknesses and enables them to rise above those weaknesses in order to master social skills with grace. Other programs headed by Bibleway’s Women’s Council Department worth highlighting are the Bride’s of Christ Ceremony and the Women of Elegance Series. 

The Bride’s of Christ Ceremony, originally performed at an International Women’s Council convention has been replicated at The Complex. The first ceremony was held in 2001 and convened semi-annually until 2006 when it became an annual function.  Participating brides are required to attend instructional sessions conducted by our Senior Missionaries prior to giving themselves to the Lord.  The bridal party has expanded and now includes candle lighters, flower girls, ring bearers, and escorts for the brides.  An elegant reception follows each ceremony. Previous ceremonies have involved young adult women; however, in 2011, the ceremony took its original format and the senior women took center stage. 

The Women of Elegance Series has become a favorite among the women at Bibleway.  This annual function includes an anointed prayer service accompanied by a table decorating contest.  Tables are decorated according to themes selected by First Lady Bailey and are judged by professional etiquette consultants according to proper table settings and execution of themes.  Delicious meals are always prepared and served by Bibleway’s finest chefs. 

These programs only brush the surface of the many activities and events sponsored by Bibleway’s local Women’s Council Department.  The department is an integral part of the church serving the needs of all women both young and old. 

 First Lady Alfredia Bailey

 BWCC's Women's Council President

Brides of Christ

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Women of Elegance

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